Tips for a Quick Recovery After a Vasectomy

Tips for a Quick Recovery After a Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a safe and effective sterilization process done through outpatient surgery. One of the major reasons for undergoing vasectomy is permanent birth control by preventing sperm from entering the semen. The best fact is that it is a cost-effective surgery and ensures recovery within a shorter period. You can ask your doctor about the male vasectomy cost.


There are some special tips for making your recovery process faster.


Take Rest for a Couple of Days


Your body needs rest to recover faster. Thus, vasectomy patients should not engage in different activities after the day of surgery. It is safe to limit the level of activity to at least 48 to 72 hours. Take more rest and heal your body faster.


Lie down on your bed and lift your feet slightly above your heart. It will promote better air circulation and facilitate the healing process.


Most important, you should not do any strenuous physical workouts, as they are not safe for your body.


Reduce Your Discomfort


It is normal to feel discomfort after the surgical procedure. You can notice bruising and swelling issues around the treated parts. Although you may feel a bit of pain, you will not need to be concerned. These symptoms will go away within a short time. But, some side effects like the feeling of fullness will last for a week. The best trick is to place an icepack on your scrotum to minimize the swelling issues. This icepack will also promote the natural recovery process.


However, it is safe to avoid taking ibuprofen and aspirin in the first 48 hours. These painkillers can intensify the swelling problems.


You can put on tight-fitting underwear throughout the recovery period. The choice of the right underwear will prevent any risk to your scrotum. Moreover, you can reduce the feelings of discomfort and pain. Some specialists say that you can wear a jockstrap.


Other Self-Care Solutions for Vasectomy Patients


Within 7 to 8 days of the surgical process, you will be able to resume normal activities. For instance, you can do sexual activities and light physical workouts. It will make you feel comfortable, and the treated site will have faster healing.


Still, you will feel slight pain at the time of ejaculation. As a sexually active person, you can take birth control. It is especially essential in the first few months after undergoing the procedure. Your physician will test your semen to check the sperm. It will tell you about the risk of pregnancy.


After the removal of bandages, you can engage yourself in swimming activities. But, you must not swim for at least a number of weeks following the surgery. It will ensure proper healing of the concerned part.


Be Cautious to Prevent the Risk of Infection


It is always essential to maintain the hygiene of the part treated by surgeons. In case of vasectomy, your genital parts have to be clean. Especially intense activities can cause sweating, which will ultimately result in the infectious risk due to the trapped moisture.


Does Vasectomy Cause Serious Complications?


Almost any surgery can cause complications. But, by following the doctors’ instructions, you can avoid serious side effects of the surgical procedure. In some cases, bruising spreads to adjacent parts. You may contact your physician to prevent more issues in the future. He will give medications to stop the side effects.


Can You Enjoy Sex Life After Undergoing a Vasectomy?


You can surely involve yourself in physical intercourse a week after the treatment. Interestingly, sex will ensure a faster recovery from vasectomy. However, you have to know about some scientific facts.


Although you have undergone surgery, your semen has some sperms. It will not go away until you have 20 ejaculations. The vasectomy process cuts your Vas Deferens, and it is not intended to eliminate the sperm. That is why semen testing is important until the sperm count shows 0. You must take additional protective measures to prevent pregnancy.


The presence of blood in semen after the surgical method is common. When you feel the heat in the genital parts, it indicates infection. You must not delay consulting your doctor in a local vasectomy clinic. He will prescribe medications for this infection.


My Vasectomy Clinics is one of the reliable destinations where you can find the desired treatments. You will also get relevant information about the effectiveness of the surgical process. Schedule an appointment to consult your doctor and get the best medical help for birth control.


  • Posted Date - June 10th, 2022

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