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7 Common Myths About Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a permanent birth control method without any risk of side effects. Also referred to as the male sterilization method, vasectomy takes place in the vasectomy clinic. During this process, the surgeon will block the tubes carrying sperm to prevent the release of sperm into semen. However, several couples have misconceptions about male vasectomy. It is important to keep away from these myths.


Vasectomy Causes Pain That Does Not Go Away


While undergoing the treatment, you will feel minimal pain. But, your surgeon will apply a numbing agent to make the part painless. He will prescribe medications that prevent post-procedure pain. Some patients feel a dull ache and heaviness in their testicles after the treatment. However, it is a temporary issue. Anti-inflammatory medications will solve the problem.


Vasectomy Affects Erection


We have already said that the process obstructs the tubes to prevent sperm transfer to your penis. But, it does not affect the normal functioning of the penis. Moreover, libido is related to the testosterone level in your body. The good news is that the treatment will cause no adverse effect on the hormone secretion.


It Takes Longer Time to Recover


It is one of the myths about vasectomy. You will return home from the healthcare facility on the day of undergoing treatment. Within 3 to 4 days, you will resume your normal routine. Moreover, you may engage yourself in physical intercourse with your partner. It takes not more than 2 weeks for proper recovery.


Vasectomy Causes Sperm Accumulation


Semen contains body fluids, including enzymes, mucus, fructose, and some sperms. As you have undergone the treatment, the part of your semen, which has no sperms, will have normal ejaculation. The sperm present in your body dies. This process also occurs when your body has not released sperm cells. Moreover, you will have no issue with the ejaculation level.


The Birth Control Treatment Results in Prostate Cancer


The vasectomy process will never raise the risk of prostate cancer. Scientists have found no proof of a relationship between prostate cancer and vasectomy.


Vasectomy Can Be Invasive


Although it is a surgical process, it is safe and not invasive. The incision is very small, and your urologist needs to cut your skin for the treatment. You will have no complications from the surgical treatment. Furthermore, the process is fast and lasts 15 minutes. You can undergo it safely with the supervision of a vasectomy doctor.


Vasectomy Cannot Prevent Some Pregnancies


Vasectomy is more than 99% effective. Before having the treatment, your system will have sperms that do not go away instantly. It will take 20 ejaculations to remove sperms from tubes. You may rely on your urologist to ensure the presence of no sperm. A vasectomy will not work for those who have done sexual activity after a few days of the treatment.


Final Thoughts


You have to keep away from these vasectomy myths. To get useful information about this non-invasive process, you may go to a My Vasectomy Clinics. You will learn more facts about the treatment.


  • Posted Date - February 4th, 2022

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